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More German Recipes 

Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat

German style cold meat salads

German style chilled meat salad. This is really popular in Germany,
and very simple to make. A wonderful summer meal also.

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I have always adored an American Chef Salad. A bed of greens topped with strips of ham, turkey, and cheese and surrounded with some fresh and pickled vegetables.

Maybe that is why I have been so fascinated with Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat, a very simple German dish. Many of the pictures you find on the net don't look so great because they it looks like a goo of Mayo with squiggles. But the idea of the fresh German Wurst or German cold cuts mixed with pickles and onions and things gets my stomach growling.

I was very excited to hear all the tips on what makes a good German meat salad because there is not a huge flavor profile, it is simple things that make it great. For more tips go here


Fleischsalat Basics
You can use a lot of different meats and garnishes for this German specialty. Here is a list and gallery of pictures.
Thin strips of meat, cheese and pickles with a flavorful
creamy dressing.
Chopped Fleiscshsalat
This is a vinaigrette based Fleischsalat that is flavored with onions,
and parsley.
One way to serve Fleischsalat is to serve it on bread such as a Broetchen or as I did here on a slice of Pumpernickel.

One way I saw a chopped Fleischsalat used is to stuff a boiled egg. the egg yolk half can be placed on top of the Fleischsalat.

Fleischsalat  from Leberkäse
This filling to top rye bread was made from Leberkäse or a similar one called Fleischkäse.


Wurst Salat combines sausage slices and cheese, and blends them with a pickle vinaigrette. Makes a great summer salad.

Here is a Wurstsalat made with a lower fat
smoked sausage. This is made with Jeanie O
low fat sausae

Wurstsalat from the German Cafe

The German Cafe in Sierra Vista, AZ serves this wonderful salad featuring smoked sausage, Swiss or Edamer Cheese. They serve it often with Potato Pancakes

Potato Wurst Salat

This is like a German Potato Salad that has sliced Wurst added to it. Very good!

Tips for a good Fleischsalat or Wurstsalat

Corliss Cogan writes ....Working in a small gasthaus in Berlin we had a Fleischsalat on the menu that was prepared daily.

It was, as are almost all fleish salats, prepared with Fleischkaese,
( Meat Cheese ), which is actually a type of large sausage baked in a loaf form.Kind of like a cured meat loaf. There were two forms: 1) fein,(fine) which, as the name suggests, was smooth, and the meat was ground very fine and paste- like. and 2) Grob, which means, rough. This was ground through a larger holed grinder and was quite coarse.
To dress the fleish salat you can go two ways: A good vinagrette, ( We would use a little german mustard salt, pepper, dill, a cider-type vinegar and salad oil...nuttin fancy...very basic. The other alternative is a Mayonnaise-based dressing, using salad creme ( a type of mayo ), a smidgeon of mustard, dill seed, pepper,pinch of cayenne, splash of vinegar (sounds like coleslaw?) but not too much...keep it thick.


Tips Sabine Woren who worked in a Germany making different Wursts.

Sabine likes to use different kinds of wurst, like Jagdwurst and Bierschinken because this gives it a great variety of flavor. She says make sure you use some of the pickle juice. Also popular are the small pickled onions called Silberzwiebeln.

Pickled Onions


Svetlana Fasoult..... said that apples can be as good as pickles. She also says that when she wants to splurge she gets Thomy Mayonnaise a top German brand.

Ully Schiffner Kelly.... I used the lunchmeat cut in thin strips, mayonnaise and some sweet pickle relish mixed together ..it tasted like the kind my Mutti got when we were in Germany

Marianne Link-Alexander... During college I worked in the kitchen. Of a German restaurant, the chef was from Munich and made his Fleichsalat with a Mix od Jagdwurst, bologna and Schinken,sliced thinly, onions, pickles, mayonnaise and a splash of herb vinegar. He always served it with potato salad. I still make it this way, without the potato salad.

Alexandra Blue Baumgart... It needs the swiss cheese in mine and pickles and some juice and vinaigrette as sour as possible. I come from the Oberpfalz and not even the Potato salad has mayo in it. Only vinaigrette.

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