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Do you have German-American Heritage?

I have found it meaningful to touch base with the world that my ancestors lived in.

Do you have any relatives that came over from Germany to Ellis Island?

Ellis Island web site
Here is a site that you can enter the name and it will tell you all kinds of information about their trip overYou can see the ship they came over on, including the following;

Passenger record

The date they came over, the city they are from , Their city of departure, age and other facts.

Ship Manifest

The actual document, hand written with the names of the passengers, their country of origin, their skills , marital status, and the city of their destination.

Picture of the Ship They came over on

See the actual ship that your relatives arrived in Ellis Island on.

These are great interactive sites with all kinds of German -American heritage on them.

 information on
German  American Heritage

Here is a site complete with online books about the first German settlers into America and what their past was like.

Here Is a map of Germany

A famous German-American
Fredrich Von Steuben



Links and Books

German Geneology, Names and Culture

Do you have a German name.
Explore here in the list of German names and their meanings.


Dictionary of German Names

German-American Names 2nd Edition

German-English Genealogical Dictionary

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