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More German Recipes 

Pork marinated in the style of Idar-Oberstein

Pork Spiessbraten
This specialty is from the Idar Oberstein area of the Rhine.
Read more about it here. Traditionally this is spit roasted over beechwood coals. This recipe is modified for us that don't have a spit or rotisserie

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Makes 2 Speissbratens, Serving size: 4 oz - Prep time: 1 hour -Cook time: Total time:2 hours,- (8-10 servings)

This style is just sliced and put on a bun with the BBQued onions

This style you stuff it with the onion mix and then BBQ.

2 Pork Tenderloins. These conveniently come in a package of 2 often. You can of course use center cut pork loin or something similar.

1/4 cup oil
2 large onions, cut into thin rings or strips
4 cloves garlic, crushed ( optional)

Spice Mixture

1 tablespoon German mustard
1 Teaspoon each of
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper

1 can dark beer ( for basting)




Bruise the onions by salting lightly and pounding with a mallet or back of your knife.

Blend the onions, spices and oil in a bowl.

Garlic should be used as to how much you like.


Place 1/2 of the mix in a container that is large enough for the 2 tenderloins.

Place the 2 pork loins in the dish and then cover with the other half of the mix.

Place plastic wrap on top and press the onions into the meat. Use some kind of weight to weigh it down a bit helping the onions and spices get into the meat.

Making a Stuffed Spiessbraten


Idar Oberstein is 2 cities in one. The Obersteiners like to roll the roast with goodies inside. Here I am using just the onions and garlic from the marinade.

The obersteiners use Pork neck to make a nice rolled roast. This cut is well marbled. I am not sure that it is available in the states. You may find pork collar. I would use pork shoulder. But for ease and less calories you can use a pork tenderloin like I did.

Here is how I cut it to stuff it.

Clean the tenderloins by taking off any excess fat or gristle.

While your preparing the tenderloin saute. the onions and garlic mixture for 2 minutes to just soften it a bit. Otherwise it won't fully cook just on the BBQ.

Cut a line down the long way. What your going to do is cut like you would a reverse Cinnamon roll.

The Tenderloin is now laying flat like a cutlet.

Here is a close up view of cutting the tenderloin into a flat piece.

Place the tenderloin into a cut open plastic storage bag and then pound it very thin. It will slide easy between the plastic and less chances of the meat tearing.

Here it is pounded a 1/4 inch thick
It has almost doubled in size.
Salt and Pepper the meat.

Sprinkle the onions and garlic on the cutlet leaving a 1/2 inch ledge.

Roll the tenderloin up.

You can either toothpick the tenderloin shut or tie it with string.

Click to expand

To tie the roast up start with about a yard of cotton string, or jute. Nylon string won't work it will just melt. Here I wrapped one end of the string around and tied it in a knot.

This just a bit hard to describe, You bring the string about 2 inches and then put your finger on it to hold it,
(Click to enlarge)

and with the other hand wrap it around and loop it underneath. don't tie it loop it.
(Click to enlarge)

When you get to the end just tie it off.

(Click to enlarge)


Here is one of the tenderloins unstuffed and one stuffed. I am going to put the some more of the onions marinade on it and let it sit for the night.

The next day start the bbq. Spiessbraten is traditionally cooked over coals and beach wood. I used Hickory because it is what I had.

Now put the grates on let's BBQ.


Here I cooked the stuffed and unstuffed Speissbratens , and some potato wedges, and in the foil is the onion mixture that was used in the marinade.

Here is a close up

The unstuffed Speissbraten.

Cook to an internal temperature of 150 degrees. Yes don't cook it well done! The health department says it is fine now not to cook pork well done, there is no danger.

The unstuffed Spiessbraten was wonderful sliced and served on a Brotchen. (crusty roll)

The Stuffed was nice served on a bed of Himmel and Erde. (Potatoes and apples).

One of the traditional sides to serve with Spiessbraten is Rettichsalat

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