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Jäger Eintopf
Layered German style shepherds pie.

Jaeger Eintopf, Layered German style Shepherds Pie

Jäger Eintopf literally means a one pot hunters stew. Often when you see Jäger on a recipe it means it has mushrooms, like Jägerschnitzel.

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Many of the Jäger Eintopf recipes I looked at layered the ingredients. I see this in many stew recipes on German sites. My guess is that centuries ago they would layer the ingredients as they chopped them in the pot then cook them slow over an open fire. In the United States we would just throw the ingredients in and stir. I decided to make this like I would a Shepherds pie. I loved the results. However the way I do it is not really an Eintopf as I use more than one pot.
You could layer the ingredients in the pot like I do in Dublin Coddle and just let it cook on low for hours.

Prep time: | Cook time: | Total time: | Yield: 6 servings , Serving size: 1 serving | Calories per serving: 265 | Fat per serving: 14 gr | carbs per serving: 29 gr | protein per serving: 10 gr

Large saute pan , 2 quart sauce pan, 8 X13 casserole dish.

Beef Round Steak, or similar cuts

Celery Root
Celery Stalk -1

1 lb. Mushrooms
1 tablespoon garlic, minced

Oil for saute
Potato Cauli Mash Ingredients:
4 cups rough chopped potatoes ( about 4 medium potatoes)
4 cups rough chopped cauliflower
2 tablespoons butter melted
salt and pepper

Hand Held Immersion Blenders


You are basically making layers
1st layer Beef
2nd layer potato cauli mix
3rd layer vegetable (Suppengrün)
4th layer Mushrooms
Top with potato cauli mix

Start with your longer cooking items.
Some of the prep can be done days in advance. Also you can make extra mashed potato, or cauliflower - potato mash for a previous meal and save the left overs. A left over roast or beef tips would also work.

Some German folks chop lots of Suppengrün ingredients at the begining of the week and use the mix for soup or stews as needed.

Cook the beef cubes in a little vegetable oil, paprika, salt and pepper till nicely browned.

Add 2 cups or water or beef stock and simmer till beef is tender.
This may take 15 to 30 minutes depending on what cut you use.
test a cube and if it cuts nicely with a fork it is ready.

Rough chop the cauliflower and potatoes...

...and simmer in salted water for about 20 min. until tender. .

This dish uses what some folks refer to as"Humble Beginings" The French use Mirepoix, Italians Soffrito, Cajuns use the Trinity
and Germans use "Suppengrün (soup greens). These mixes and cooked often down to a mush and pureed to add a base flavor to
whatever it is your cooking. I prefer the German Suppengrün because the leek and celery root is so much richer than the French or Italian
version that uses celery and onion.

Read more about these here

While the longer cooking items are simmering, gather your Suppengrün ingredients and Mushrooms for chopping.
The celery root has a much richer celery flavor than the stalk. The Leeks are richer than regular onions. These vegetables will add real depth of flavor to this dish.

Chop the carrots in small wheels or if the carrots are large into half wheels.

You should get about 1 cup of each of the vegetables.
* I use a cottage cheese lid cut in half as a "scooper-lifter".

Peel and chop the celery root into small chunks. First cut in half
Then into wedges and then turn 90 degrees and chop to make nice chunks.

Cut the leek the long way and then into chunks. I use the white
and light green part. The rest I save for soup.

Peel the celery and then cut it into half wheels.


Chop the parsley

Chop the mushrooms into bite size pieces.

Keep on plate till ready to cook. If this is the first time your making it keep some of the items on seperate plates to keep things organized.
You can also chop,cook and then layer directly saving time.

While the potatoes and cauliflower are cooking saute the Suppengrün in a little olive oil till tender

Saute the mushrooms with garlic and put back on the plate.

The potatoes should take about 20 minutes to cook. Test by sticking a knife in a potato chunk.

Add a little butter if desired and mash the potato with a hand masher, wire whisk or an Immersion blender like shown in the picture. Either way it is simple and You can do it right in the pan.

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.

With all your ingredients ready to go let's assemble.
The first layer is the beef. Notice I have the braising liquid there as well. The potatoes will thicken this a little to make
a nice sauce.

Top the beef with half of the potato-cauli mix.

Next layer is the sauted vegetables.


Then top with the mushrooms.

Finally top with the other half of the potato-cauli mix.

Spoon on some melted butter and then I like to sprinkle some paprika on for color.

Bake uncovered for 35 - 45 min at 350 degrees uncovered
till nicely browned and bubbling on the sides. Let it sit for 10 -15 minutes
and the layers will stay better in tact. It reheats very well the next day.

Cut and lift out with a large spatula or flat turner. This will keep the layers in tact.
I serve this with tomato sauce or catsup.

Long slow cooking also keeps the layers in tact. If you have the time cook it at 325 degrees.

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