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Fall is Here, How about fixing some
Apple , Peach, or Plum Kuchen

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Frikadellen  (German Meat Patties)
These are a favorite amongst Germans, and they would remind Americans of Salisbury Steak.
a twisted pastry in a ball like shape dusted with powdered sugar.
links to similar recipes like Angel Wings, and Krepple.
Kas Knepfla
(Cheese Buttons in soup)....Evelyn



Other German Recipe Favorites

Fleisch Salat
(American Style)...

Dublin Coddle
This is a good Irish German dish that you can cook for St. Patrick's Day instead Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Creamed Spinach Emma's Style

My German grandma made this extra good with bacon and onions.

Pennsylvania Dutch
Chicken Pot Pie

This style of Pot Pie uses wide cut noodles instead of a pastry crust

Spinach Salad with
Hot Bacon Dressing

This is a German classic with a nice balanced sweet and tangy dressing that warms the salad.

Chicken Roulade Westphalia

Chicken stuffed with Emmanthaler cheese, herbs, rolled up and then wrapped with Westphalian ham. This recipe is similar to a famous Italian dish called Chicken Saltimboca.

German Breads

Rye Bread, Pumpernickel and Brotchen recipes


Frankfurter Kranz Torte

This is a sponge like cake torte
that has almond cream filling between 3 layers
and topped with a butter almond glaze.

German Potato Salad
with Iceburg Lettuce

from Nancy Eaton's Grandma
German Buffalo Wings
Chicken Wings in Sauerbraten Gravy
Tomato Dumplings

A great side dish of floating dumplings on a bed of stewed tomatoes

Roast Goose

Roast Goose is a traditional meal to serve for the German advent season. Here is a step by step guide to cooking a goose with pictures

From Roy Denman's Heritage

These are a fascinating version of this classic German Christmas cookie, that puff in the center and keep their base.


Zimtsterne is a Cinnamon nut cookie. The name means Zimt=Cinnamon and Sterne = Stars.


Gluhwien or hot spiced wine has such good memories of warming up a cold winter night. Glühwein stands are very common throughout the Kristkindle markets in Germany.

Apfel Maultaschen

a rolled dumpling filled with apples and baked in sweetened milk.


A German-Russian Pumpkin Turnover
The dough
Mustard Pickles

These pickles are great if you have some older cucumbers.
a flavorful pickling sauce with mustard and a little flour to thicken it.

German Style Chicken Fettucine
Add a German touch to this favorite noodle dish,
Emmantaler Cheese and Black Forest Ham

Lentil Salad
with Sausage and Fresh Vegetables

a great summer salad. If you thought lentils
were just for soup, give this a try.

BBQ Chicken Roulade
This is a nice recipe for summer
Chicken breast, Westphalian ham, Spinach and
Emmanthaller Cheese rolled up in a chicken breast, wrapped in bacon and grilled.

German Style Cole Slaw
This has a wonderful texture, and simple refreshing vinaigrette dressing.

Strammer Max
(Fleischekäse or German style meatloaf fried with onions and placed on toast and topped with a sunny side up egg. )
Ham Baked in Rye Dough

This is a really nice presentation for a special occasion .


German word for cake. Kuchen is a real art and there are many styles for this dessert . Also you can use any kind of fruit , or even sugar and Streusel.


How to make a basic Schnitzel, and many of the varieties
including Wienerschnitzel and Jaegerschnitzel.


Suppe (Soup)
German soups are both brothy and creamy.
It was common for many years and still is to some extent for German's to eat soup as a
first course, every day.

Black Forest Cherry Torte
Schwartzwalder Kirschtorte.

Step by Step pictures with recipes for this German specialty.


Schnitzel in Cherry Sauce
Veronika Plisek
Tomato Dill Soup
Freddie B.
Kish's German Fried Potatoes.
Weiss Mause
(White Mice) ...Olga

This is an English name for a creative icebox stew that has been refined to have a German flavor.


These are popular during the fasching season. They are a simple fried doughnut stuffed with a jam or cream filling.

German Fried Cheese Cakes
from Olga Drozd, ....These nice little pan-fried cheese cakes are a wonderful dessert.

Viennese Coffee
Like a nice chilled Latte with ice cream and sweet spices. This is enjoyed in coffee houses in the afternoon all over Germany and Austria.

(German seasoning salt) ...Sabine
This Spicemix is used on just about anything. I think it would not do well on beef though. Feinkost means fine food. Gewürz means Spice.

Potato and Beirwurst Salat
(with mustard cream dressing) ....Evelyn
Rival Kuga
Kas Knephla
(Cheese Buttons) .....Olga
Kish's Brotchen
Jans Hungarian Goulasch Stew
Butter Kuchen

(Butter Cake)
Rote Grütze
(German Mixed Berry Pudding)...Evelyn
(German ice coffee ) ...Evelyn,Stephen
...George Moser
Zwiebel Torte
(onion turnover)
Fish Gulyas
(German Fish Stew)
Griesnockel Suppe
(farina dumpling soup) ..Karen Moser
Muttertag ( Mothers Day in Germany) .
.Evelyn Gibson ..4/26/05
German Apple Bunny
....Evelyn Gibson...4/26/05
...Jill Fink...4/26/05
Pickle Soup
..Freddie B..4/26/05
Sweet Currant Rolls .
.... Freddie B ..4/26/05..4/26/05
German Clam or Mussel Chowder
( Clam or Musselsuppe)..Olga
German Potato Salad .
...(Kupser Family)..4/26/05
Pickled Red Eggs
....George Moser..4/26/05
Kish's Hungarian Porkult

.....Evelyn Gibson..4/03/05
Kish's Authentic Hungarian Goulash
....Evelyn Gibson ..4/03/05
Beef Goulasch
....Carol Kupser ..4/03/05


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Hartshorn, Bakers Ammonia
Baker's ammonia is still used as a leavener of choice for certain recipes because of it's ability to make cookies crisper. The chemistry is very interesting. It creates gas when mixed with liquid ingredients but the baker's ammonia removes one extra water (or was it oxygen) molecule than soda so it leaves a dryer crisper product. Some old-fashioned recipes for biscotti and ameretti call for it because of the desired affect.



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