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Is Sauerkraut really the new Love Food? 


Fresh Kraut helps insure HOT Romance!

One of the areas of Squares that I want to pursue is fermented vegetables.  The value of these tasty crudities is the lactobacilli the make Lactic acid.  This acid is so beneficial in so many ways in your system. 

SO why is fresh fermented cabbage or  Sauerkraut a love food??

Because freshly fermented sauerkraut is filled with a good  bacteria called Lactobacillus and other nutrients that is great for certain areas of your body.  Nutrients and lactic acid play a big role in helping muscle contraction and  in this case dilate the vessels necessary for blood flow. 
This is not the same as most store bought sauerkrauts that are pasteurized.

Why fermented cabbage  and not raw cabbage? 
When you ferment vegetables the digestibility increases as well as making the nutrients easier for your body to absorb them. More information on that here 

How does it actually give you more stamina sexually? 

First it would be good to understand how the whole process of an erection works in a male 
In a nutshell, you know that blood flows into the penis during an erection. So what is stopping it?
Since you have much blood traffic in your body, certain chemicals control the valves, so that blood flows to the most important activity your body needs at that time.  The raw fermented sauerkraut aids in the chemicals and other necessary elements that are needed to preform this function. 

So what are the chemicals? There are several chemicals that are very important to this process. 

When couples talk about having "chemistry" together, who knew it was such an accurate description? The brain sends signals to NANC cells in the artery. The NANC cells release nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule and stimulates an enzyme called guanylate cyclase in nearby cells. The guanylate cyclase converts a chemical called GTP into another chemical called cGMP. cGMP causes muscles in the walls of the arteries to relax. This relaxation increases blood flow. Meanwhile, PDE is decomposing the cGMP and turning it back into GTP. There is a cycle -- guanylate cyclase turns GTP into cGMP, and PDE turns cGMP into GTP. Nitric oxide turns the cycle on. cGMP is produced as long as the brain is sending messages down the  nerve  fibers in the artery, which generate nitric oxide and keep the cycle going. When the brain stops sending the signal, all of the cGMP goes away because PDE is deactivating it. This way, the brain can turn valves on and off whenever it wants to. So how does this relate to an erection? When the brain gets aroused, it sends a signal to the penis. Nerve cells in the penis' corpora cavernosa start producing nitric oxide, which leads to the creation of cGMP. The cGMP causes arteries in the corpora cavernosa to dilate, causing lots of blood to flow into the penis. The extra blood flowing in causes the penis to inflate like a balloon. An erection occurs.

Nitrus Oxide 
Tells the blood to make cGMP
cyclic guanosine monophosphate  ( cGMP ).
Or you could just call it an enzyme makes a chemical that relaxes the  blood vessels going into the shaft of the penis, like a valve allowing blood   to flow in. 

phosphodiesterase  ( PDE )

You could just call this the chemical that decomposes the cGMP. 

If it didn't the blood would never shut off. As long as the mind is sending 
signals they travel from a nerves to the penis and cGMP will constantly be 
made allowing the vessels to dialate and the blood  to flow in. As a man ages or has ED, 
usually it means  the body doesn't produce enough of this chemical and PDE will decompose it all. 

Viagra inhibits the PDE so it temporarily leaves the cGMP active and the 

vessels dialated. 

The buzz about Sauerkraut being that is as good as Viagra 
...comes from a study at Kings College  in London 2009 run by  nutritionist Lejla Kazinic Kreho said that "pickled cabbage", or sauerkraut, was as effective as the popular drug  Viagra  at increasing sexual   function  Kreho made the claim in her book  Nutrition of the 21st Century .

Kreho makes the claim in her book most people are unaware that cabbage is one of the most-powerful natural aphrodisiacs in the world.  According to the Austrian Times, Kreho says, “The knowledge collected at King's College shows pickled cabbage is the best natural Viagra. It may be hard to believe that saurkraut is one of most powerful aphrodisiacs, but the British data is conclusive.”  Talking to Croatian daily's Vecernji List, she says: “I can only suggest all men try it. Eat cabbage twice a day and observe how your sexual power increases.”

Lejla Kažinic Kreho
Lejla's Website

Carin Mckay   Natural Viagra 

Is Sauerkraut the new Viagra 

So what is Lacto Bacilli ?

It is often called acidopholus 

n a nutshell lactobacillus is a friendly  bacteria that that creates an
acidic environment and kills off a lot of the the negative bacteria in 
your system. It seems to be especially good for your digestive system,
but also for killing yeast infections, reducing inflammation. 

More about Lactobacillus

How to Make Sauerkraut

Making Sauerkraut in glass mason jars

Man's life changed by Fresh Kraut

  Adrienne Caldwell wrote[I] was offering a sauerkraut and kim chi demo at a natural food store, and a gentleman approached me, asking me if I was the producer. “Oh good. I wanted to let you know…your sauerkraut has totally changed my life. I have suffered from Colitis for years, trying different medicines, with little or no relief. I started eating your kraut everyday, and it also inspired me to change my diet. I'm well now.” Colitis is an inflammation of the colon's membrane lining, resulting in ulcers and often strong abdominal pain. I was silent. People have shared many stories with me before. “I eat fresh sauerkraut when I feel a cold or flu coming on, and it works! “ “I feel better when I eat a little with my main meals.” “My skin is clearing up.” “My digestion is better.” “I am conquering Candida with kraut!” I have had my own very beneficial experiences, too. But somehow this gentleman's story stopped me in my tracks. Here was this rosy cheeked gentleman, with an easy stride and warm smile, who had suffered greatly for quite a long while and didn't anymore.
Potential Health Benefits of Live Cultured Foods
Aids in Digestion Increases Absorption of Nutrients and Bio-availability Synthesizes Nutrients (folic acid, B vitamins, & K) Increases Absorption of Minerals Helps with Protein Digestion Enhances Calcium Metabolism (prevents osteoporosis) Helps Prevent Skin Problems (acne, eczema, thrush) Helps Maintain pH Balance Keeps Pathogenic Bacteria in Check Prevents and Control Diarrhea Relieves Constipation Alleviates Lactose Intolerance Helps Colitis Improves/Prevents Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Inflammatory Bowel Disease Helps Heliobacter pylori Infections (ulcers) Reduces Intestinal Inflammation Stimulates Immune System Function Reduces Allergic Symptoms Anti-Cancer and Anti-Tumor Effects Helps Normalize Serum Cholesterol and Triglycerides Assists Liver Function and Detoxification

Brine Chart
The Pro Biotic Jar

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