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Home Made Noodles

die Nudeln

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Learn how to make real "Old Fashioned" noodles, like grandma did with just flour eggs and water, with this recipe below. These noodles unlike pasta or store bought egg noodles gain flavor and texture with long simmering.

Recipe taken from our cookbook,
"Recipes from a German Grandma"

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This started it all we wanted to preserve our grandmothers favorite recipes and the stories starting from when she was a little girl in Germany

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2 eggs
2 half shells of water(about 1/4 cup)
1 and 1/2 to 2 Cups All purpose Flour
1 teaspoon salt

2 quarts boiling water or stock

Crack two eggs into a large 2 quart glass or stainless bowl add the water and mix . You can also do this on a kitchen counter by making a pile of flour on the counter and make a well in the center and add the eggs and water then mix.


Mix in the flour bit by bit

You can do the same thing using a Kitchen-Aid Mixer

Keep adding flour until you can't use the spoon and then use your hands to mix till you get a dough that is firm and smooth

Flour your surface that you ar e going to cut your noodles out on just a tiny bit . This will take a bit if trial and error. Your need to be able to roll out your dough but still be able to lift it up and not stick to your surface. I like to put a bit of flour on the dough itself, and a bit on the rolling pin. Too much flour will make the dough glide with your rolling pin. You need it to stick a little so it can be rolled out.


Take a small ball of dough I suggest as it is easier to manage than trying to roll out the whole ball.

Roll the dough just about as thin as you can get it. about the thickness of a dime.

They expand at least double in the water when you boil them!

If they are too big they will look like snakes and be a mouthful.


Sprinkle flour on top of the rolled out dough before you cut the noodles. This will keep them from sticking right back together as soon as you go on to the next cut.

I also push away the noodle from the rest of the dough as soon as I separate it. Otherwise when you pick up a noodle they will all stick together.



Place the noodles in a stainless bowl add a small sprinkling of flour and toss the noodles so they are well coated with flour. this will also aid in them not sticking together.


Add the noodles a handful at a time to the boiling water or in this case my soup stock that has the vegetables already cooked in it.

Stir the noodles well and let them cook. You can do this as you cut the noodles if you want. Unlike store bought egg noodles or pasta these noodles can cook for a hour and they wont get soggy and break down.



Here are the finished pot of noodles and in this case soup.
the noodles float when they are done.

You can either serve them in the soup or if you just used water to boil them in drain them and toss them with your favorite flavoring.




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