Finally You Can Easily And Quickly Write That Cookbook You've Been Thinking About All These YEARS!

Learn everything you need to know from three published cookbook authors in a tell-all, 1 hour and 45 minutes tele-seminar.

On January 13th, 2004, renowned cookbook authors Jack Humphrey, Chef Stephen Block, and Willie Crawford shared with you how they published their best-selling cookbooks, found customers and have achieved constant sales. , and how you can too. They recorded the entire teleseminar and now you can download it in MP3 audio format and PDF ebook format.

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We teach you how to write a cookbook

( 3 authors using different styles )


Stephen Block

Recipes from a German Grandma

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Jack Humphrey

The Healthy Pooch Cookbook

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Willie Crawford

Soul Food

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Recipes from a German Grandma

Stephen Block has co authored a cookbook with a short biography of his German grandmother's recipes, home remedies, and the traditions that she wove into the family that she raised in Portland Oregon at the turn of the century.

Stephen's first idea was that he didn't want to lose all the wonderful stories and recipes that were either past down by word, on old recipe cards or scraps of paper. He knew at least his relatives and kids would enjoy this and it would be preserved for future generations. The market response has been wonderful as well, because there are so many German-American families that it brings back memories.

Your heritage may be your best marketing edge. This is an excellent format that finds a niche in the sea of cookbooks out there. Stephen is also skilled at developing simple web pages that others can find easily in the search engines.

Stephen's great website is at:

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The Healthy Pooch Cookbook

Jack wrote a very unusual cookbook of recipes for your dog. It's at: . Jack is also an expert on print on demand printing. (where you only have a book printed when you need a copy rather than stocking copies.) He even owns his own print-on-demand company.


Soul Food Recipes

by Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford wrote a soul food cookbook at the request of his website visitors that propelled him to fame and fortune. He first developed the website to share some of his favorite childhood memories. You can visit Willie's soul food website where he markets his cookbook at:




This tele-seminar is GUARANTEED to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to write your OWN cookbook. Just Click Here To Instantly Download The Audio And PDF Files! They are only $19.97.

Topic you'll learn all about include:
  • Recipes and copyright law
  • Sources of recipes
  • Sources of pictures
  • Different formats for cookbooks
  • Different layouts for cookbooks
  • Pricing your product
  • How to get the best price on your cookbook
  • Choosing a topic/theme for your cookbook
  • Promoting and selling your cookbook
  • How to negotiate with local printers for a better price
  • How to determine types of cookbooks in demand
  • Locating cookbook content other than recipes
  • How to confirm there is a LOT of interest in your topic
  • How to tell how many cookbooks there already are on your topic
  • How to promote your cookbook from a website
  • How to get your cookbook into local stores
  • How to get your cookbook into online stores such as Amazon and Barnes And Nobles
  • How to get hundreds or even thousands of others selling your cookbook


This was a very informative sell-out teleseminar. So many people have thought of writing their own cookbook. We cleared up the confusion for you and now you can finally write that cookbook.

Grab this priceless insider information now and get started writing your own cookbook. You download the MP3 and PDF files instantly so that you can be learning within seconds!


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Here's what several clients had to say:


Hello Willie,

As you know, I have sold cookbooks for quite some
time before I signed up for your cookbook teleseminar.
All I can say is, I wish you would have had your cookbook
teleseminar before I ever started. I could have saved a
lot of time and money both. I was amazed at the things I
learned even though I already sell cookbooks.
Great Job Willie!

Charles E. White

Hi Willie,

I was not able to make the live How To Write A Cook Book call,
but I just finished listening to the recorded tele-seminar. It
was great, you guys did a fantastic job and covered all the
questions I had. I now basically know everything I need to know
about how to successfully create and sell my own cookbook.

Thanks for the hard work you put into the tele-seminar :)

John Gorecki

Hello Willie,
I wanted to write to say that your Teleseminar really
demystified the "how to's" of writing a cookbook and
getting it out there to the public.

I really believe that I will be able to fulfill my
longtime dream of being a cookbook author very soon. Thank
you and the rest of your panel of knowledgeable cookbook
authors for making everything so clear.

Frederica Willis


I always wanted to set up a cookbook myself, but I was
very reluctant to do so, because I didn't know how.

Thanks to your Teleseminar these days are over!
The tons of information you provided there gave me the
confidence to go forward. Right now I'm in the middle of
making one.

Thanks a bunch for this precious info.
Case Stevens
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