Using Fresh Vanilla
to Make Seductive Meals

by Stephen Block from Vanilla Enchantment

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hrough the centuries love has searched for anything magical to win the heart of the person they have fallen in love with......................
…… Is there power to Woo in food




How do you accentuate a romantic mood with a nice dinner…..or dessert …or even a breakfast

What can you do with simple decorations …a setting …..and fun ways to present food that can make an evening with your lover magical.

One flavor whose power has been known to do magical things in cooking is Vanilla. Not just in food but its scents were found to work well in perfume and in aromatic candles as well.

Everyone has heard that chocolate is the food of love …..but to get that magical flavor the chocolatier uses vanilla!

This is one of its enchanting qualities. It mellows and accentuates other flavors you don’t always recognize it but completes so many other wonderful flavors.

Perfumes are expensive because aromas are very delicate. Did you know that sometimes you only need just a few molecules to get the effect of a wonderful aroma?

Vanilla which comes from a unique orchid plant that grows in the tropics has over 250 flavor components that has made it the most popular flavoring in the world.

The vanilla extract that you get on your supermarket shelf uses vanilla beans that have been crushed and heated in a huge vat, which destroys many of the delicate flavor components. So using fresh vanilla beans or making your own vanilla extract from soaking them in brandy or vodka will give you an EDGE in your cooking that will make you a believer.

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