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Looking for some interesting ideas for your Thanksgiving celebration this year?

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Other Thanksgiving Goodies

Thanksgiving History
Our Thanksgiving in the United States has gone through many changes, including once being in June!

Thanksgiving Clip Art
Turkeys, pumpkins, Fall leaves, use the for your holiday invitations and web sites.


Now is a good time to browse some ideas for Thanksgiving but also fall dishes that you want to do this year.

Perhaps some traditional and some variations on the traditional to create that bountiful feeling at your Thanksgiving table this year.


Recipe Index

Cooking The Perfect Turkey
Step by step pictures that ensure that you won't have a dry bird this year


Alternative Styles of Cooking a Turkey
Try your hand at a Smoked turkey, Cajun Black Turkey or a BBq Turkey


Some great ideas on different styles of stuffings, Oyster, apple sausage.....

Potato Side Dishes (White potato and Sweet Potato)
Add a festive flair to your mashed potatoes, or try adding some root vegetables to your mash. What ingredients compliment a sweet potato.

Cranberry Sauces and Relishes
The perfect tang to Roast turkey is a cranberry sauce or relish. Don't like cranberries?
Try a peach, pear or apple chutney.

Vegetable Side Dishes
Autumn vegetable dishes bring back memories of casserole type vegetable dishes that bring a heartwarming feeling to your dinner table.


There are a lot of great pumpkin desserts besides pumpkin pie. Pumpkin lends itself to cheesecake or layering it as well






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