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The History of Carnegie Deli

Pastrami | Knish |


The Carnegie Deli is a restaurant located at 854 7th Avenue (between 54th and 55th Streets) in Midtown Manhattan. It was opened in 1937 adjacent to Carnegie Hall. They are a famous Jewish delicatessen in New York theater district near Carnegie Hall.

The Carnegie Deli is famous for their 5 inch high sandwiches


They are also known for being a home for any movie stars and comedians and writers.


Milton Parker was the genius behind the menu.

He partnered with Leo Steiner who was the greeter, and worked the front of the house
with his great personality and Schtik

The Deli is still owned by the next generation of Parkers and the Carnegie Deli even
has it's own reality show.

The current owners Sandy Levine and his wife
Mariane that was the daughter of Milton Parker.

Go here to see an episode of their reality Show.


What is Pastrami ?

The word is a loanword from most likely coming from Romanian immigrants "Pastrama" and changed to
Pastrami as it sounds like the other popular cured meat Salami. The recipe as well is credited to our Romanian Jews.
Similar to corned beef, but it is rubbed then smoked and then not boiled or backed but "steamed".


While I don't have a recipe for Carnegie Deli's Pastrami
Here is one that is very close coming from another famous deli in New York
called Katz's. It is considered to be the first Jewish Deli in New York starting in 1888.
Provided by Amazing Ribs


One of the things they are famous for are Potato Knish

This is a mashed potato filling that is baked in pastry.

Here is a recipe for Potato Knish




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The Carnegie Deli Web site and store

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Great article about the Carnegie Deli and it's Yiddish roots

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Pastrami goes Prime
NY times article about the Carnegie Deli reality show


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