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Recipes From a German Grandma

wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the cookbook, Recipes from a German Grandma. It was so personable. The introduction of Grandma Block was wonderful and all of the pictures allowed you to see and visualize what it was truely like in Germany during your Grandma's days. I have a special feeling in my heart for a German Grandma. I have one daughter and her babysitter was from Germany. I will never forget her and all of the delicous food that she cooked. My daughter loved the German goulash. Your cookbook brought back so many memories for me. The foods, the traditions, the beautiful sceneries. Your recipes are so easy to read and understand and I will be busy cooking up many of the German recipes.
As a cookbook collector for over 20 years, I am very excited to have this one as a part of my collection. I have over 1,000 cookbooks. I will cherish this one because it comes from the heart and the recipes are tried and true family recipes.

Thank you,
Jan Knuckles


Dear Mr. Block,

Hello! My name is Kathy . I purchased your cookbook called: "RECIPES FROM A GERMAN GRANDMA" last Spring and I've been having a great time with it ever since! I especially love the Madame Schumann-Heink Cookies. They remind me of a cookie my Grandma made and I wonder how similar the recipe is as she was of German decent.


Dear Stephen,

I want to thank you so much for the lovely cookbook you sent me. It arrived while I was
in Georgia visiting my Mom for the month of January. I sat down last night and read the book and really enjoyed the stories about you Grandmother. She must have been a wonderful lady and I wish that I could have met her. My husband and Mom got a kick about your Grandfather with the butter and margarine.

 Sometimes us women have to do little tricks like that. I was born in Heidelberg but left at the age of 6 when my father was stationed in Augusta, Ga.

where I growup. I no longer remember how to speak German but I am thinking about trying to learn it again (I might be to old now). Thank you again for the book and I hope you have a nice day (you really brighten mine).

Best wishes, Barbara

    A Heartwarming treat for the mind and the stomach,

April 24, 1999 Reviewer: A reader from Dipolog City, Philippines

A rewarding addition to any culinary enthusiast's collection. "Recipes from a German Grandma" not only presents its gastronomic due but also the colorful and endearing life of Grandma Block as she took with her the lore, traditions and culinary heritage of the Old World to America. It is truly one perfect reading along with your afternoon tea.

Dear Stephen and Aileen,

My wife and I were on a return trip from California to Washington this weekend. We read your book cover to cover...well...the stories anyway. The more we read, the more excited Sherrie was to try one of Grandma's recipes. Its 9:00pm here in Wenatchee WA. We arrived home a couple of hours ago. Sherrie decided to start out with basics. So she made the Butter-crumb Topping on Grandmother's Homemade Noodles. (page 57) Sherrie added some mushrooms, tomato and beef but the highlight was the noodles. YUMM! The whole dinner was great and we have you to thank for the experience. We're going to try the sweet and sour cabage next....with sour cream...oh my gawd!!!! I can't wait. Gee we laughed at the home remedies. I'm 53 years old and was raised with most of those remedies also. I especially laughed as Sherrie read about the lard and camphor oil. My grandmother put that stuff all over me too! Yeech!... luckily my mother had switched to Vicks...but the proceedure was always the same.
We didn't have a windlass in our kitchen. My grandmother made me crawl into the cellar and carry the wood up. But we did have a vat of pickles curing in the basement, and we tendered lard to make soap, and pulled taffy by hand, and got our water from the hand pump in the front yard. Gee, those were great days. I miss them alot, and miss my parents and grandparents as well. Grandpa's mother was full German.So pickled green beans and bacon with potato dumplings were common around our house. As with your grandma , ours didn't write much down either. Luckily we ran across your book which not only has brought back many of the foods to mind, but many of the experiences too. It was quite generous of you to write a book such as this, sharing so much of yourselves and your German heritage in food. We feel pretty lucky. Anyway, you (and Grandma Block) have been the topic of most of the day. Thank you so much. Scott and Sherrie Scott and Sherrie
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