1- 2 to 3 lb Schweinshaxe or Pork Knuckle
garlic clove
1 bottle Beer, preferably a darker beer

Garlic cloves
1 onion rough chopped
caraway seed (whole or ground)


pre heat oven to 350 degrees

One trick for getting the skin nice and up he package and let the skin dry in the fridge overnight.

1. Put the Haxe (hock) on the roasting pan, moisten with a just a bit of beer and salt and pepper it. Also you can rub it with a clove of garlic. Some folks will rub with oil instead of beer. Also some folks sprinkle whole or ground caraway seed on the skin. I have also seen the Haxe placed on a bed of rough chopped onion. This would keep it from sticking to the pan and season the broth if you used it for gravy.

2. Roast in an oven for about 4 hours. I pour some beer in there after an hour so the bottom to keep it moist.

3. After the skin has started to crisp I baste with beer about every 45 minutes or so. When it hits about 200 degrees internal temperature turn the oven up to 450 degrees or the broiler, pour over the Haxe a little beer and crisp the skin for about 10 -15 minutes.

It is traditional to serve 1 Haxe per person. However you can bring this show stopping dish to the table on a large platter and serve slices. Be sure to give some skin to each person, that is one of the best parts.

. Typical side dishes with the Schweinshaxe are sauerkraut or braised red cabbage (Rotkohl) and Kartoffel Knödel or roasted potatoes.