Dandelion Salad
(Löwenzahnsalat mit Eier Salatsosse)


1 bunch dandelion greens (equivalent to head of lettuce)

Dressing (Salatsosse) :

2 hard boiled eggs , small dice
1/4 cup olive oil,
1/4 cup water
1 /4 cup cider vinegar or similar
1/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons whole grain mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 cup croutons
4 strips bacon diced, fried crisp(optional)
1 tomato cut in wedges (for garnish)

Note: You can use kale or other greens in place of dandelion greens.




It is best to pick the dandelion greens early before they blossom. They will be the most tender and mild. I bought these dandelion greens, you can also substitute other dark greens for this salad.

1. Cut the stem off. Usually about 5 inches down

2. Place the leaves in a bowl. The large leaves can be cut in two.
Keep the stems, you can use them to pickle or dip into humus.

3.Chop the eggs for the dressing (Salatsosse) and add to a mixing bowl.

4. Whisk in the remaining ingredients to complete the dressing.

5. I made my own croutons. Dark rye bread fried in garlic oil. You can use store bought also.

6.Toss the salad and then top with the croutons and crisp bacon bits if you want. The tomato wedges give it the salad a little color and nice flavor combination.

Potato and Dandelion Green Salad

1. 4 cups of potato cubes. I like to use a firm potato like Yukon Gold or red skin. Any potato will work.

2. Add some of the dressing for hot German potato salad. Let it cook to mix flavors then turn the heat off and let cool
to warm.

3. Toss the slightly warm potatoes with the dandelion greens just before serving. This keeps the greens still crunchy.