Cuban Pork Rouladen

12 oz to 1 lb. corned beef
1 large onion chopped 1/4 inch dice
1 ib of cooked potatoes about 4 medium, diced
1 14 oz can beets , about 1 1/2 cup diced
Oil for frying

salt and pepper

4 eggs , 1 for each person but 2 if desired.
Vinegar (for poaching water)

1. Gather your ingredients, Pound the boneless pork chop into a Schnitzel. If you want more info on pounding schnitzel go here

2. Spread mustard on the pounded Schnitzel next the chopped onions. Put an ounce of ham and ounce of cheese on the pork, and top with some pickle slices . Roll up and pick with toothpikcs like shown.

4.. Set up the flour on a plate, roll the Rouladen in the flour. Heat 1/8th cup oil in a Skillet on medium heat, add the Rouladen and brown on all sides. Remove onto a plate.

5. Add 4 tablespoons flour to the oil in the pan, cook for 1 minute on medium low heat. Add the stock and whisk constantly,as it comes to a simmer and cook for 1 minute. If you want you can add a several tablespoons of cream or milk to make it creamier and a nicer color. Return the Rouladen to the pan and simmer for 35 40 minutes covered. Strain the sauce if it is lumpy and not smooth. I cut the Rouladen in half to expose the nice center.