(Appetizer Platter)


The Brotzeit (breads appetizers)

4 slices Rye bread, or another good bread ( good wheat or pumpernickel)

Topping for Schnittlauchbrot
1/2 stick butter and or
1 cup cottage cheese
salt, pepper, garlic salt
1/2 cup chopped fresh chives

Traditional Recipe

My Americanized recipe:
4 slices bacon
1 tart apple
1/2 cup onion
1 stick butter
1 tablespoon Marjoram (oregano or thyme)

Cheese Dip:
Simple Cheese Dip or Obatzda Cheese Dip

1 bunch red radishes
1 piece of Daikon Radish

2 cups crispy Pretzles



1. Schnitzlauchbrot: traditionally they use butter to spread on the bread
but I also like to make a less calorie version by using a low or no-fat cottage cheese. Here I drain the cottage cheese for 20 min then mash it or blend it in a food processor till it is just a slightly chunky texture.
Add a couple dashes of salt or garlic salt and pepper if desired.

2. Slice thin the chives. Spread either butter or the cottage cheese spread on the bread and top generously with chives.
Cut into small squares or rectangles when ready to build your platter.

3. For the American style Griebenschmalz fry the bacon till rendered . Add half the butter and continue to cook till bacon is very crisp. While the bacon is cooking chop the peeled apple, onion and chop the marjoram.

4. Remove the bacon chunks and add the apples, onion and marjoram and cook till browned and caramelized but watch out you don't burn them. Pour into a container Add the bacon bits and chill in fridge or freezer. Freezer takes about 15 minutes to solidify.

5. When ready to build your platter, blend in the other half stick of butter with the room temperature Greibenschmalz to make a creamier texture. Spread onto the bread and cut into small squares or rectangles.

6. You can make my American style Simple Cheese Dip here. or make a classic Obatzda here .

7. Cut a piece of white Daikon radish going only 3/4 of the way down and then flip over and do the same. Stretch apart the radish and lightly salt.

8. Secure the radish with a long pick, on wood cutting board or plank position the red radishes, put a scoop of the cheese dip or Obatzda in the center, cut bread squares of schnittlauchbrot (chive bread) and Griebenschmalzbrot (Schmalz spread bread) Garnish with crispy pretzels and parsley.