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Maybe a Perfect
Idea for a Christmas Gift?

I have found out that my "Recipes from a German Grandma" is more than just a recipe book to people, It also brings back many fond memories of Life in a German - American household, in the 19th century.

I have given my book to some dear friends as gifts and included some other goodies like vintage 1920's German postcards with fabulous drawings of that era.

Also some vanilla beans and vanilla sugar as well, wrapped nicely, so when they unwrapped it the smell of fresh vanilla made the experience extra special.I was so pleased with the reaction I got , I decided that I wanted to offer this as a Christmas present to our readers.

A signed copy,
"Recipes from a German Grandma"
over 100 recipes and stories.
130 pages

Click here to see a sample of the book
3 Fresh Premium Vanilla Beans
1 pkg. Vanilla Sugar
5 Vintage German Post Cards

Bonus German Recipes CD with step by step pictures

If you feel this would be a good gift
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for one of these special Christmas Gift packages,

all nicely gift wrapped
only 24.97
will go out Priority Shipping
the same or next day

Normally the cost of the vanilla beans, vanilla sugar and the Vintage postcards equal 15.00 but I thought it would be a good to keep the price down as low as I could for this Christmas special. I am hoping you will see it is a great deal and you can buy several for the different family members.
Below are a few of the Step by Step Recipes Featured



Pan fried Chicken Schnitzel


Apfel Strudel

Old Fashioned Home Made Noodles

German Potato Salad




Gefulte Nudeln


See the Whole List!


We started out just wanting to preserve the recipes and also the stories that were told around the dinner table about my grandmother that came over on the boat to America. She arrived with hope of a better life through Ellis Island at the turn of the century and living in a German-American family early in the 1900's and through the depression years, living almost to 100 years old.

Life was different then, every thing had to be made from scratch, much of which was raised in the garden , and preserved for the winter. Everyone in the family had to work just to survive.


The book has been featured on The “Visions of Bavaria ” television broadcast aired by KVIE and WMHT PBS stations.

We received many letters and comments that they enjoyed reading the book, because it brought back so memories of that part of their heritage as well as remembering the recipes they brought over from the old world such as Sauerbraten, Rouladen, Spaetzle, and sweet and sour red cabbage (Rotkohl). Also Apple Strudel and the different Christmas baking like Stollen, Springerle, and Lebkuchen.

I am only going to do about 100 of these gift packages, as I want to make sure I get them all done and sent out on time, and while this fresh batch of vanilla sugar lasts.

Yours Truly,

Stephen Block
Co-author along with his Mother Aileen,