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Hot German Potato Salad
Recipes and tips on making good German Potato Salad, both Hot and cold varieties.

Potato Pancakes
Traditional Shredded potato style

Baked Sauerkraurt

This uses a bit of bacon "speck" in it.

Brenda's Creamy Sauerkraut
From one of our favorite contributors, Evelyn Gibson

Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage ( Rotkhol)
This is a traditional dish that is popular using the red cabbage


Chilled Cucumber Salad
Some Germans serve this at nearly every meal

Hot German Slaw

The hot version of cole slaw

Gestamphe Salad

From a German Chef that explains how you to get a superior slaw through breaking down the fibers of the cabbage

Pickled Red Eggs
These will make your bratwurst get together have a flair


More Links

History of Bratwurst
How did it get started? what does Bratwurst mean?

Making your own Bratwurst


Stiglmeier Pork & Veal Bratwurst

Stiglmeier Pork & Veal Bratwurstpad
New at the Deli! Stiglmeier's Pork & Veal Bratwurst is very fine and lightly seasoned for a mild flavor. Click here for more details


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