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My Favorite Bread Stuffing or Dressing

This just seems to be the standard that I use for any holiday stuffing.
It has the extra umph from the sausage and earthy flavor from the mushrooms.

I think there are a few secrets to a making a good stuffing.
One is to use lots of eggs so it binds together, is fluffy and has
that bread pudding texture.

Another is to toast the bread cubes,

and if you have time use fresh herbs.

Here are some more stuffing recipes

The Simplest Bread Stuffing Ever
This will amaze you how easy and quick it goes together

Southern Cornbread Dressing
This is donated by a reader in Mississippi.

Oyster Stuffing
No one will ever know that their is oysters in this, it just gives it an awesome flavor.

German Sauerkraut and Rye Stuffing
Sauerkraut is used to flavor soups, and stews, and even cakes. Want to make something just a bit different and yummy. almost like a Rueben sandwich.

Sausage Apple Stuffing
Two of my favorite things to add to dressing to ensure that it isn't boring.

White Clam Stuffing
Are you doing seafood for your Thanksgiving dinner? Here is a nice alternative dressing.

So what is the difference between Stuffing and Dressing?
Some of the older versions of the cookbook "Joy of Cooking"
say that if you bake it inside the turkey it is stuffing and if you bake it
in a pan it is dressing.

Read more about the history of Stuffing or Dressing here.


Sauerkraut is Not Just for GREEN Cabbage.

I make sauerkraut now on a weekly basis. If you think that it was just for eating with hot dogs you are missing out. Although it is a wonderful topping for franks and brats no doubt and with a few additions makes a great sweet and tangy relish.

I eat it primarily for the way it makes me feel. Since the same bacteria that makes that bracing tangy flavor also is the pro biotic that keeps your gut flora in good shape. This of course is only for raw sauerkraut not the pasteurized that you get in a can or most jars.

In making it every week I have learned some faster and less complicated ways to make it.

Go here to make a Small Batch Kraut, if you want right in the quart jar you store it in.

Sauerkraut the New Love Food

Sauerkraut is also considered the new love food? That's right! Dr Kreho conducted a study at Kings College in London that shows that pickled cabbage has the same effect on sexual function for males that viagra does.
Read more about Sauerkraut the New Love Food.

Dr Lejla Kažinic Kreho


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What Common Salad Dressing
Makes your Dishes and Glasses Shinny

If you run out of your rinse additive you can just use vinegar, white distilled is the vinegar of most people's choice. It will get your dishes shinny! in fact if you are like me and clean your dishes thoroughly (not just scrape) you only need a good vinegar rinse aid. I say forget the soap. You mostly want to sanitize the dishes anyway.

Here is our web page on The Many Uses of Vinegar
By Susan Doyle



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As usual I always love to hear from you
and what your favorite
are, email me please....

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